Nine across??

Our annual newsletter is hitting the mail today. We hope you find it informative. A new feature this year is a crossword puzzle. In case you find yourself stumped, here are the answers:



7.      EMR—Abbreviation for electronic medical records

8.      DAILIES—Gives you a fresh pair of contacts every day

9.      SUNGLASSES—What you could win free on Facebook

11.    EPRESCRIBE—Eliminates the traditional prescription pad



1.      SNEEZE—You cannot _____________ without closing your eyes

2.      FORENSICS—Dr. Fowler’s side interest and study

3.      ONLINE—New way to access Regional Eyecare Center

4.      THREE—Number of male staff and Doctors working at Regional Eyecare

5.      INFANTSEE—Program for children in first year of life

6.      VARILUX—Brand of no line progressive lenses

10.    SIX—Number of female staff and Doctors working at Regional Eyecare Center


Then answer for nine across deserves a little more comment as well.  When we reach 300 Facebook fans we are giving away a pair of sunglasses!  Prescription or non-prescription, single vision or progressive bifocals – whatever you need.  At the time this blog post was published we were sitting at 214 fans.  Help us get to 300 and beyond soon by asking your friends and family to like us as well.


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